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Meet your Psychologist - Denise Kriel

Denise KrielIt is with pleasure that I provide the following information that I hope will assist you to understand my counselling methodology and the services I offer. I am registered as a Counselling Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) . I am a registered dyslexia specialist with die Rooi Appel dyslexia specialists, a member of die Rooi Appel dyslexia association, and a member of the neurodevelopmental forum. I am currently completing my Doctorate in Philosophy through the University of Fort Hare. As a registered psychologist, I am required to engage in continuous professional development and regularly attend workshops and training on selected areas of interest.

Counselling Psychologists work with everyday life challenges and use theoretical applications and therapeutic approaches to address such issues. My therapeutic approach is eclectic, in that I use a variety of concepts and techniques from various theoretical modalities.

I offer psychotherapy and psychological assessments to adults, adolescents and children facing a wide range of difficulties and challenges. In addition, I work with individuals who wish to achieve greater emotional and personal growth, or gain deeper insight and awareness.

My areas of special interest:


  • Behavior & emotional assessment and intervention; including assistance with parent-child, sibling, relationship difficulties: Therapy includes specially developed games, art and creative materials & play. Parents are given intervention strategies to assist with their specific needs and circumstances.
  • Scholastic/academic difficulties: Assessment includes collateral information (parent, teacher, and other professionals), the SSAIS-R or WISC that measures IQ (verbal and non-verbal) and indicates personal strengths and weaknesses in terms of academic functioning. A variety of other measures may be used such as reading and spelling screening tests.
  • Assessment & intervention for hyperactivity, concentration and attention difficulties (ADHD/ADD): Collateral information is used; including the Connors Assessment. The IQ test may also provide good insight into a child's ability to concentrate and hold attention. Academic functioning may also cause or aggravate behavioral and emotional difficulties.
  • Dyslexia assessment and therapy recommendations: A diagnostic test is used to investigate specific aspects of language problems relating to reading, writing and spelling. The assessment identifies the type and severity of dyslexia and provides remedial and assessment accommodation recommendations.
  • Foundation skills program/dyslexia therapy: Foundation skills are taught through play and assistive technology. (Please note that this is not a psychological service, but a foundation skills program drawing on psychology skills, educational assessment knowledge, dyslexia therapy training and curriculum guidelines. Sessions are R200 per 1hr session and cannot be claimed by medical aid).


  • Bereavement, loss and trauma counselling
  • Relationship, pre-marital counselling, divorce counselling.
  • Personal growth & development: This includes teaching of life skills that promote and enhance quality of life. It is a wonderful privilege to work with people whose reason for referral is to learn more about themselves and to grow emotionally in order to enrich their lives.

"Most people are able to survive life's challenges. My hope for you is not to just survive, but for you and your family to thrive."