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Meet our Pilates instructor

Annette van Heerden ANNETTE VAN HEERDEN

I am a qualified BASI Pilates Teacher. I completed my course through BASI Pilates in 2013. I'm also an Exercise Specialist and Group Class Instructor. I completed my studies in 2007 at ETA Stellenbosch with THETA accreditation number 613/P/000007/2004

BASI Pilates is a leading Pilates education academy, with a reputation for innovation, dedication and academic excellence.
It's forward-thinking method with its emphasis on core strength, functional muscle development, body alignment, and the mind-body connection.
It showed me that with care and hard work one can really inspire people to make amazing changes in their lives. My goal is to partner with your goal and reach it!

Now is the time to start moving. Why settle for good when greatness is within reach?
It's time to reach for and define your greatness

Meet our Yoga instructor


I have been a yoga instructor since December 2010. I did my training with Kerry Weavind, Haum of Yoga, Fourways (indiYOGA). Jim Harrington, Cape Town (Yoga Synergy).

Yoga found me in London and what I absolutely enjoyed about the practice was how much my breathing improved. After learning how to breathe properly the second thing I noticed was how my body was toning and how balanced my life started to feel. My eating habits naturally improved and I managed my stress a lot better. I wanted to start teaching yoga because I wanted yoga to become a lifestyle for me, so that I would be more focused and disciplined in my yoga practice and my life in general. I also wanted to help guide people to make the subtle changes that they needed to in their lives to feel more fulfilled and balanced. Teaching yoga keeps me inspired to learn and grow.

When teaching my yoga classes my focus is to guide students into their bodies, so they can notice what they are feeling and experiencing about themselves. I believe that it is important for us to learn to trust ourselves, as the majority of us often doubt ourselves.

Most people believe that you can only do yoga if you are flexible. This is a sad misconception. Yoga is about moving into your body, getting to know your body and your mind and the connection between the two. Yoga is about moving past the boundaries that we build around ourselves that stop us from living our lives to our fullest potential. Boundaries in the mind, we hold rigid in the physical body and as we gently soften into our bodies so these boundaries both in the mind and the body start to fade away.

I do a daily self-practice. Length of time varies depending on what the day presents me with, this a wonderful practice in itself, to simply go with the flow and embrace each self-practice without expectation.

My favorite asana (pose) at the moment is Urdhva Dhunurasana (Wheel), this pose is very stimulating and I really enjoy the sensation I experience when I flex into my spine. My strongest asana is Virbradasana I (Warrior 1)
My other interests include playing guitar, painting and spending time with my children.

I want to thank all my yoga teachers (teachers, friends and yoga students alike) for being the amazing beings that they are. Each and every one of you touches my life in so many ways. Bringing rays of light and love into my heart whenever I am in your presence!